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LTA Non-Compliance

Regular cuts_edited.jpg
Laser Cut 3D  
Click on image for more design

  • Look Pop Out but letterings are embedded in within

  • Easy Maintenance as plate is flat

  • Always Shiny!

Bubble pop 3.jpg
Bubble Pop - Click on image for more Photos 

  • Dome shape outlook! 

  • Exclusive to Us!

  • Upgraded version of Laser Cut

  • Easy Maintenence

  • Forever Shine!

laser carbon 2.jpg
Carbon Base Laser

  • Extremely Beautiful and Unique

  • First in Singapore or maybe even the World!

  • Carbon Prints is inside the plate, forever shine!

  • Wordings looks 3d but its flat!

carbonator 2.jpg
Click on image for more photos

  • White and yellow base

  • Carbon pattern Lettering!

  • Aluminium Base Material

  • Reflective base as per LTA regulation

  • Exclusive to sgcarplate

Chrome Carbon base!


Pot belly rainbow
Pot Belly Rainbow
(Click on image for more photos)

  • Rainbow Pop Out Wording

  • Curve Finish 

  • Exclusive to sgcarplate

Mirror Chrome Embossed.jpg
Mirror Chrome Embossed


embossed rainbow 1.jpg
Embossed Rainbow
(Click on image for more photos)

  • Rainbow Embossed

  • Exclusive to sgcarplate

Carbon Base Embossed Plate


Rainbow Wording Flat Acrylic


Hong Kong font 2.jpg
Hong Kong Font
(Click on image for more photos)


UK Font.jpg
UK Font 1.jpg
Europe Font


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