LTA Compliance

Laminated Silver

  • Exclusively produce by sgcarplate

  • Choice of Matt (preferred choice) or gloss background

  • Popular Choice

Euro Plate - White/Yellow


Legal Reflective White (front) & Yellow (back) base

  • Choice of acrylic or embossed type

  • Clear and Brilliant

Ultra gloss 3D Euro Plate

  • High Gloss finishing

  • Comply to LTA white and yellow reflective base

  • Stunning outlook

Chrome Plate

  • Full Solid Metal Chrome Wording (beware of fake sprayed on chrome selling in the market)

  • Classy and Smart Looking

  • Premium Plate

  • Trendy

Smoked Black 3d

  • White and yellow base

  • Aluminium Base Material

  • Reflective base as per LTA regulation

  • Exclusive to sgcarplate

Ultra Gloss Pearl White 3D

  • One of a Kind! With 2k lacquer protection just like your car!

  • Sleek Looking 

  • Eye Catcher

Pot Belly Plate (silver, white font or white yellow base!)


- Special , Unique Look

  (click on photo to view       more pics!)


- One of a Kind!


- Crystalized finish

Embossed Plate

  • Premium Plate use by Mercedes / BMW and all other Agent Cars Make

  • Premium Look / Aluminium Material

  • Choice of silver or white lettering

  • Plates are imported from Europe to ensure top quality products

Metallic Silver Pop Out
  • Legal 3D Pop out Design

  • Oustanding Look

  • Choice of Gloss (preferred choice) or Matt base

  • Massive improvement of outlook!

  • Popular Choice

2K ultral gloss silver

  • One of a Kind! With 2k lacquer protection just like your car!

  • Sleek Looking 

  • Eye Catcher

Metallize Silver Embossed 

  • Premium material from Europe

  • High Visibility

  • Cool Look

  • High Shine

Carbon Fibre Frames

  • Exclusive Product of sgcarplate!!

  • Hydro Printing means no Fading nor Dropping of colors!

  • Long Lasting

  • Order with a plate for package price

Acrylic / Plastic Type

  • Simple

  • Easy to maintain

  • Long Lasting

  • Choice of silver or white lettering

iLight​ (click on photo for more photos!)
  • One of a kind

  • Looks normal until you on the light!

  • 6 Months warranty!

  • Weather-proof

  • Very Very Very Eye catching!

  • Legal when the light is off

Glossy Embossed


- Smart Look


- One of a Kind!


-Material from Europe and first in Singapore!